Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Crystallography

Winter term 2018/19

Thursday 14:15 to 15:00 in room NW2 C0300

Mo 24.09.18 13:15 Uhr

Prof. Eiji Nishibori (University of Tsukuba)
(Einladung AG Grabowsky)



PD Dr. Claudia Weidenthaler (MPI Kohlenforschung, Mühlheim)
(Einladung AG Gesing)

"Structure-property relation of inorganic energy materials from crystalline to amorphous state"


Hilke Petersen
(AG Gesing)

Synthesis and Characterization of new sodalites, cancrinites and their intermediate phase


Lukas Bucinsky (Slovak University of Technology Bratislava)
(Einladung AG Grabowsky)

Relativistic and quasirelativistic quantum chemistry - Density in atoms, molecules & crystals


Felix Feige
(AG Beckmann)

Covalent-organic frameworks based on silicon precursors


Dr. Fabian Dielmann (Universität Münster)
(Einladung AG Beckmann)

"From Superbasic Phosphines to Phosphorus-Based Lewis Superacids – New Tools for Small Molecule Activation"

Thereafter: Yearly X-ray safty instructions


Mariano Curti (Hannover University)
(Einladung AG Gesing)

From conductivity to photocatalytic activities of metal oxides: a short journey through computation vs experiment

18. o2.19 10:15 am C0300

Jason Price (Australian Synchrotron)
(Einladung AG Grabowsky)

"Chemical crystallography vs. protein crystallography using synchrotrons"

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