Z. Kristallogr. 238(1-2) (2023)

page 27-38:

M. Wolpmann, M. Etter, A. Kirsch, F. Balzaretti, W. Dononelli, L. Robben, Th. M. Gesing:
Halide-sodalites: thermal behavior at low temperatures and local deviations from the average structure..

Z. Naturforsch. B 75(9-10) (2020)

page 805-813:

I. Peschke, L. Robben, Ch. Köhler, Th. Frauenheim, J.-Ch. Buhl, Th. M. Gesing:
Crystal structure and temperature-dependent properties of Na2H4Ga2GeO8 - a novel gallogermanate compound.

J. Solid State Chem. 249 (2017)

page 114-123:

H. Zhao, Y. Krysiak, K. Hoffmann, B. Barton, L. Molina-Luna, R. B. Neder, H.-J. Kleebe, Th. M. Gesing, H. Schneider, R. X. Fischer, U. Kolb:
Elucidating structural order and disorder phenomena in mullite-type Al4B2O9 by automated electron diffraction tomography.

Acta Crystallogr. E72 (2016)

page 287-289:

L. Robben, E. Merzlyakowa, P. Heitjans, Th. M. Gesing:
Symmetry reduction due to gallium substitution in the garnet Li6.43(2)Ga0.52(3)La2.67(4)Zr2O12.

Chem. Eur. J. 21(21) (2015)

page 7746-7754:

B. Xiao, Th. M. Gesing, L. Robben, D. Bosbach, E. V. Alekseev:
Dinuclear Face-Sharing Bioctahedral Tungsten(VI) Core and Unusual Thermal Behavior in Complex Th Tungstates

Z. Kristallogr. 230(o4) (2015)

page 263-269:

Malik Šehović, Lars Robben, Thorsten M. Gesing:
Carbon dioxide uptake in nitrite-sodalite: reaction kinetics and template ordering of the carbonate-nosean formation

Z. Kristallogr. 229(12) (2014)

page 797-805:

M. S. Rahman, M. M. Murshed, Th. M. Gesing:
Synthesis, characterization and time-dependent phase transformation of Li0.4WO3 bronze.

Z. Kristallogr. 227(8) (2012)

page 438-445:

R. X. Fischer, M. Šehović, W. H. Baur, C. Paulmann, Th. M. Gesing:
Crystal structure and morphology of fully hydrated zeolite Na-A.

On Carbides

page 219:

Th. M. Gesing, K. H. Wachtmann, W. Jeitschko,
Z. Naturforsch. 52b (1997) 176-182.

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